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Lancaster County's favorite

premium FREEZER beef

Get farm-to-table beef at a great value. Locally raised and butchered.

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Here's the deal...
Most people don’t know exactly where their food is coming from. With Hershey’s Lancaster Beef, you can hold yourself to a higher standard. Our Black Angus beef is raised and butchered exclusively in Lancaster County, PA. When you buy our true farm-to-table product, you'll know your food is responsibly sourced and absolutely delicious.

Serve more flavor

Chefs prefer Black Angus from Hershey's Lancaster Beef because of its rich flavor and fine marbled texture. We raise our cattle on a diverse diet of grass, grains, and corn for maximum flavor.

Know your food source

Lancaster Beef is raised and butchered right in Lancaster County, PA. You get the confidence of knowing that your food is not only fresh, but it was produced with a smaller environmental impact than what you find in grocery stores.

Support family farms

Hershey's Lancaster Beef sources from a network of small Lancaster County farms, all operated by the same families for many generations. The quality and tradition is evident in every bite.

Feed your family well!

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From Our Family

Raised with Love

There is no big backing organization behind Hershey's Lancaster Beef. We are just simple farmers who are passionate about the work we've dedicated our lives to doing.

The Hershey Family farm, located in East Donegal, Pennsylvania, is currently owned and operated by Steve & Seth Hershey. We are the third and fourth generation to work the land since it was purchased in 1956 by Seth's great-grandfather.

We love what we do and it brings us great joy to share the results of our labor with you and your loved ones.

Steve, Harry, & Seth Hershey
How to

ORDER lancaster beef

freezer beef program

The Freezer Beef Program is a great way to buy a wide variety of cuts of Lancaster Beef, including our top of the line steaks and roasts. Like the Lancaster Beef that you find in stores and restaurants, it is premium, dry aged, Black Angus beef. Plus, the price is a fantastic value!

Ordering process

Give Seth Hershey a call at 717-725-7518 and tell him you're calling about Freezer Beef. Depending on availability, you can pick up your order within 24 hours. If you have a custom order or special instructions, that can often be arranged through our local butcher. We will walk you through that simple process too.

what's included

Freezer beef is ordered in quarters, with each quarter literally equalling a quarter of a steer. For reference, a quarter of beef takes up about eight cubic feet of freezer space. The following is an approximate representation of what to expect from a quarter of beef:

  • 13-15 lbs of Premium Steaks (ex: Filet Mignon, Delmonico, NY Strip)
  • 13-15 lbs of Steak (ex: Sirloin, Flank, Flat Iron, Chuck)
  • 30-38 lbs of Roasts (ex: Chuck, Eye, Tri Tip, Rump, Top Round)
  • 50-60 lbs of Ground Beef (pre-formed burger patties at extra cost)
  • ¼ Brisket
  • 2-4 lbs of Short Ribs
  • Beef bones by request (for your pets)
  • Organs by request

To order extras such as beef sticks, chipped steak, beef cubes, etc., you will speak with the butcher directly. We can help walk you through this simple process.

*Lancaster Beef cannot promise an exact number or poundage of certain cuts because of the natural variation of the cattle.


The price of a quarter of beef is dependent on the weight of the steer and the current market price for beef. Because of these variables, a quarter of beef can range from $750 to $950, a huge savings over grocery store prices.

Fire up your grills for some Hershey's Lancaster Beef!
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